Top 8 Defenders to watch for in this World Cup 2022

The defenders are the busiest players on the field. They constantly need to run and stay aware to ensure that the opponent could not strike a ball into the net. Defending at the back is a thankless task and goes unnoticed, it’s the strikers who take all the limelight at the end. It is a tough task since there is no second chance to make corrections after a goal is scored.

Top 8 Defenders to watch for in this World Cup
Top 8 Defenders

Best Defenders in the world 2022

The best defenders who are playing in this world cup are:

8. Aymeric Laporte

Country: Spain

Club: Manchester City

The Spanish defender Laporte plays as a center-back for the team. Laporte joined Manchester City for a club-record cost of £57 million for a defender.

He is Pep Guardiola’s go-to defensive choice. He is a defender, yet he has reasonable ball control, passing, and assisting skills. Laporte is a  powerful defender who is known for his tactical superiority.

7. Antonio Rüdiger

Country: Germany

Club: Real Madrid

A German is a center-back who also plays for La Liga club Real Madrid. Rudiger is a versatile defender who can also play as a full-back and can operate on both flanks. He is tall, quick, aggressive, and strong, known for his passing ability, strong aerial presence, and tough tackling defensive approach.

Rüdiger has a very strong physical appearance that makes it tough for opponents to pass the defense.

6. Kalidou Koulibaly

Country: Senegal

Club: Chelsea

Koulibaly plays as a center-back for Chelsea and Senegal. Koulibaly is known for his aerial capabilities, anticipation, positioning, tackling, character, technique, and ball-passing skills as a defender. He is huge, combative, quick, and physically strong and makes the opposition anxious with his strong presence on the field. Recently, Koulibaly transferred to Chelsea from Napoli because of his great form and together with Thiago Silva, Chelsea has a strong defensive unit.

Fans call him, “The Wall”.

5. Rúben Dias

Country: Portugal

Club: Manchester City

Dias is a right-footed center-back with excellent physical attributes who typically plays on the left side of central defense since he is adept at passing the ball with both feet. On the field, Dias is also fairly calm and composed and barely finds himself under stress. 

Dias is an expert passer of the ball, especially with longer throws to maintain possession and all goes to his passing talent and accuracy. With his two-footedness and excellent passing range, Dias can control play from the back in any direction. 

4. Raphaël Varane

Country: France

Club: Manchester United

Varane is a member of the French national team for the world cup and also plays in the premier league for Man Utd and generally plays as a center back. He is known for his speed and technical as well as tactical abilities. He is gifted with agility and aerial prowess.

Varane is an all-around defender with great physical ability and knowledge of the game. He was a member of the French team who won the world cup 2018 and played a crucial role in the finals against Croatia.

3. Marquinhos 

Country: Brazil

Club: Paris St. Germain

Marquinhos is a Brazilian defender who plays as a center back, right back, and sometimes as a defensive midfielder. He is one of the best defenders of his generation. He is the captain of PSG and is known for his excellent leadership qualities.

Marquinhos is quick, intelligent, and has great positional sense. Together with Thiago Silva, they make a formidable defense that will make the opposition tough to break

2. Thiago Silva

Country: Brazil

Club: Chelsea

Thiago Silva is a legendary defender who plays for Brazil’s national team as a center back and recently came to Chelsea from PSG and leads the defense. Silva is considered the best defender in the world and the greatest of all time.

He is widely anticipated for his technique, leadership qualities, and discipline. Silva is the complete defender due to his strong personality, great technique, aerial ability, and awareness of the game.

He was the captain of the Brazilian team and his absence in the semi-final of the 2014 world cup against Germany caused a humiliating defeat for Brazil (1-7), signifying the importance of Silva in a team.

1. Virgil Van Dijk

Country: Netherlands

Club: Liverpool

Virgil Van Dijk is a Dutch soccer player who plays as a center-back. Dijk is the runner-up for Ballon d’Or and the Best FIFA Men’s Player in 2019. He is known for his physicality, agility, and aerial abilities. He is 1.93 m (6 ft 4 in) tall. His height has certainly helped him on his path to success and become one of the best defenders in the world of all time.

He is gifted with technical abilities, excellent timing, and a strong personality that makes it difficult for opponents to net a ball.

8.Aymeric Laporte
7.Antonio Rudiger
6.Kalidou Koulibaly
5.Rúben Dias
4.Raphaël Varane
2.Thiago Silva
1.Virgil Van Dijk


Who is the best defender in the world?

Virgil Van Dijk

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