7 Benefits of playing Soccer 2022

Soccer is a simple and easy to follow game. It is played in almost all the countries so it is considered as the universal sport. In order to start playing soccer/football, no fancy equipment is required, all you need is football and you can develop skills.

There are many footballers who made their name on the international stage just by starting on the street.

There are various benefits of playing soccer, it checks your endurance, stamina and develops your ability to stay calm and composed till the last whistle is blown.

Top 7 benefits of playing soccer can be summarized as:

Benefits of playing soccer 
Benefits of playing soccer

1. Soccer builds your strength and stamina

Soccer is a dynamic sport that involves continuous running. Regardless of what position you are playing, it requires continuous forward and backward running at that position. A player runs 6 to 8.5 miles(8 to 11km.) on an average in a game.

It demands a lot of physical training that helps in reducing body fat. This in turn builds stamina and helps to gain muscle mass that is required in the field to play for 90 minutes.

Playing soccer builds the strength of the body’s skeletal frame. It also keeps your bones strong when you start aging.

So, playing Soccer has a lot of physical strength benefits.

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2. Teamwork

Soccer is a game of communication and coordination between team players. It is a team sport in which every player at their position has importance. All 11 players need to give 100% on the field to secure a win. This can be achieved with exceptional teamwork

In the past, teams with sound teamwork rules have performed better than those squads where the individual player is the center of attraction. 

Soccer teaches us the principles of teamwork with practical application. Famous players Messi and Ronaldo would never have achieved this status without other team members. It teaches you unselfishness and motivates you to play as a team.

3. Soccer as a career

Soccer is a lucrative career option in various countries of Europe, South America and Africa. World’s most wealthy sport leagues belong to soccer. 

The English Premier League, Ligue 1 and La Liga consists of many world’s most wealthy sporting clubs. Kylian Mbappe, Neymar Jr. and Lionel Messi are the highest paid athletes in the world. Clubs spend millions of dollars to acquire talented players. 

If you really are dedicated to soccer as a sport and want to give your best in every match and practice session, soccer can be considered as a best career option.

4. Remedy for Anxiety

Research has shown that any activity that requires physical strength helps in reducing many mental health problems like anxiety, stress and lethargy. 

Soccer as a sport demands a lot of physical as well as mental toughness that can be achieved with persistence and optimistic thinking especially at the crucial stages of the match. It is a source of stress buster for fans who love to see their favorite team win. 

Soccer can be considered as the remedy for anxiety for players as well as fans.

5. Develops Cognitive Thinking

Focus or concentration is one of the most important aspects of playing soccer, so it enhances the cognitive brain abilities since you need to make quick decisions in a fraction of seconds. 

Innovation makes soccer the most popular sport in the world. Team management and players constantly need to innovate techniques and styles of play to maintain the anonymity so that your opponent would not be able to anticipate the game.

Unpredictability and persistence  brings freshness in the game and improves cognitive brain functions of players.

6. It gives you Fame and Following

Most followed instagram celebrity in the world is none other than Christiano Ronaldo. It gives you exposure to the extent that millions of people follow at the international stage, due to the popularity of the sport. 

There are huge fan bases of players who preach them as role models. Real struggle of athletes helps people in real life to achieve success.

Athletes are the real depiction of self motivation, determination and persistence, that can be considered as the reason for a huge fan following.

7. Soccer is a way of life

Soccer becomes a part of your life as soon as you start playing it. You often compare everything to football and believe that you should never give up. Due to the repetition, control, and diet, it keeps you healthy off the field as well.

Soccer is inclusive and prohibits racism since many African players made their name in the game and even play for European countries’ national teams. It unites people from all over the world. 

These are the 7 benefits of playing soccer that can bring great change and surely will leave a positive impact in your life. Some of the health benefits are, it reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. 

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